David Kuhns     

Professional consulting in mathematics, statistics and quality engineering with positive stress on manufacturing applications, statistical techniques for manufacturing quality, design of experiment (see Statistical Applications page)

Chess player and organizer, certified National Tournament Director with the US Chess Federation, Chairman of the Rules Committee, and Delegate for Minnesota.  I enjoy other traditional games of strategy as well, including Go (Wei Chi, Baduk), Backgammon, Mancala plus many more.

I am an avid fan and collector of Isaac Asimov books and articles.  With over 500 books to his credit, it is quite a daunting task.  In my collection are over 2000 individual items, including ALL of those books.

As you can see from the photo, I am also a shoe-in for Father Christmas (Santa Claus,  or St Nicholas).  Having been born in Myra,1745 years ago, I, of course, could even be!

Contact:  e4e5@e4e5.net